(Document status: draft)

Apocryph is a decentralized network for verifiable, confidential, general compute. This network powers its unique ecosystem visualised in the diagram below:

Apocryph ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of three autonomous parties exchanging value under the governance of blockchain technology. The three parties are: Service Providers, End Users and Application Publishers (Developers).

Service Providers

They provide confidential computing services to the ecosystem and receive payment for their services. The value chain of these confidential computing services is targeted towards the End User as the final destination.

End Users

They consume software in a private / confidential way based on SaaS model and pay for the computing service consumed by them. End Users are the final destination within the ecosystem, but upon the explicit decision by the End User potentially there could be other end users outside of the ecosystem that are using the Private SaaS if it supports some form of built-in multi-tenancy / multi-user capabilities (light blue bubble). Based on this, the Private SaaS itself can trigger its own market powered by Apocryph ecosystem (a very basic example is when the End User is a Company that runs a service for its employees).

Application Publishers (Developers)

They provide cloud software in the ecosystem, essentially enriching the number of use cases that the End User can fulfill by using the ecosystem. It is important to note that the Application Publisher role can be shared with the End User essentially the End User can bring a use case (cloud software) in the ecosystem, pay for its execution and consume it. In a similar way the Application Publisher role can be shared with the Service Provider role where the Service Provider also brings in the use case / application service.